Dynamique des cellules tumorales

Dynamique des cellules tumorales

Unité Inserm 1279 / Université Paris-Saclay

Informations générales                              

  • Directeur  : Guillaume Montagnac

L’Unité en quelques mots

The rational for creating the “Tumor cell dynamics” unit lies in a common scientific interest shared by the three founder teams and that aims at understanding the cellular mechanisms of tumor progression and cancer cell invasion. Genetic or epigenetic alterations, together with modifications of the microenvironment, lead to a broad deregulation of major cellular functions in cancers and many of them certainly play an important role in metastasis dissemination.

However, the cell is the basic unit of life and is the essential level to integrate the functional consequences of the many alterations occurring during the disease. Understanding how such alterations perturb the logistics of the cell is thus essential to fully embrace the complexity of tumoral progression and invasion.

Thus, the ambition of the “Tumor cell dynamics” unit is to put the cell at the center of research axes focused on the dynamic events occurring during cancers and more specifically during tumor invasion and metastasis dissemination.

In line with our goal to characterize the cellular mechanisms driving metastasis dissemination, the research themes of the 3 teams cover different aspects of the biology of cancer cells including:

  • Migration strategies and modalities
  • Cell polarity
  • Intracellular trafficking and signaling
  • Cytoskeleton dynamics

Les équipes de recherche

  • Fanny Jaulin – Dissémination des cancers colorectaux
  • Mehdi Khaled – Mécanismes moléculaires de l’oncogenèse et de la progression tumorale des mélanomes
  • Guillaume Montagnac - Endocytose, cytosquelete et migration cellulaire


Institut Gustave Roussy
 114, rue Edouard-Vaillant
 94 805 Villejuif Cedex - France

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