Laboratoire de recherche vasculaire translationnelle

Unité Inserm 1148 / Université de Paris

Laboratoire de recherche vasculaire translationnelle

Informations générales

Directeur : Didier Letourneur

L'Unité en quelques mots

The general objectives of the LVTS are the understanding of the physiological mechanisms by basic science approaches but also through large clinical trials, development of new diagnostic (markers and imaging) and new therapeutic/biomaterial strategies : identification of new targets, development of new molecules, validated by clinical trials.

To carry out these projects, translational human and technological skills include clinical databases and assays, translational clinical investigations (carotid stenosis, aneurysms and dissections of the ascending aorta, Biocore), human tissue and cell biobanks, numerous experimental models of disease (transgenic mice, rats, rabbits), new methods in molecular and cell biology (proteomics, genetics & epigenetics, protein engineering, flow cytometry), chemistry of biopolymers, elaboration of biomaterials and nanosystems, and imaging technologies in small animals and in humans (Nuclear Imaging, Ultrasound and MRI).

Équipes de recherche

  • Marie-Christine Bouton-Oroomchi - Hémostase, thrombo-inflammation et réparation neurovasculaire
  • Giuseppina Caligiuri - Immunobiologie cardiovasculaire
  • Guillaume Jondeau - Maladies structurales des vaisseaux
  • Didier Letourneur - Bioingénierie cardiovasculaire
  • François Rouzet - Imagerie cardiovasculaire
  • Gabriel Steg - Maladie athérothrombotique du coeur et du cerveau

Lauréats ERC

  • Yacine Boulaftali Modelling brain aneurysm to elucidate the role of platelets


Laboratoire de recherche vasculaire translationnelle (LVTS)
CHU Bichat, Bâtiment Inserm
46, rue Henri Huchard 
75877 Paris Cedex 18 
Tél : 

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