Evolution et ingénierie de systèmes dynamiques

Evolution et ingénierie de systèmes dynamiques

Unité Inserm 1284 / Université de Paris

Informations générales

Directeur : Ariel Lindner

L'Unité en quelques mots

Within our research unit of INSERM and University of Paris (UMR U1284), we pursue open, collaborative research projects to tackle the world’s health and education challenges, focusing on the following broad topics, amenable to bridge foundational research and societal impact:

  • Open synthetic and systems biology – from foundational understanding of living systems to open-pharma/biotech solutions.
  • Open AI – understanding and shaping current digital transition in context of learning, health and/or human-machine paradigms.
  • Open health – from data-rich research to frugal software/hardware development
  • Open learning – from understanding learning to human-machine paradigms
  • Open phronesis – tackling ethical challenges of our time

Here the researchers can remix, recombine, cross fertilize and ultimately pursue ideas that cannot be boxed into a single field. We do so in the Open Science framework, insisting on open publication, open data, open methods, welcoming and involving the public to all aspects of the scientific process though participative science projects and dry/wet Open Labs. Beyond doing research, we also do research on the research endeavor itself, striving to understand how we do science and improve upon it.

Les équipes de recherche

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Centre de Recherche Interdisciplinaire (CRI)
8 bis, rue Charles V
75004 Paris

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